Maps for Your Phone

Take Bikeverywhere maps everywhere with our new line of mobile maps.

Created with the same attention to detail and accuracy as our paper maps, our mobile maps will go with you wherever you are.

What can I do with the mobile Bikeverywhere maps?

  • Zoom, pan and mark up your map from anywhere 
  • Add favorite places and photos
  • Track your route and save it
  • Layout a route
  • Connect with the GPS in your mobile device
  • Use the built in compass for orientation
  • Share your routes, favorite places and photos

How do I download the map to my phone?

The first step is to download the free Avenza PDF map app, then download the map. You can do both by finding the map that interest you on our website, then clicking through to the Avenza store. Avenza will direct you to download the app ( a one time step), then take you to the map for downloading. It only takes a few minutes.

You can also find the Avenza app in the App Store or Google Play. Download it, then search the Avenza store for Bikeverywhere. All of our publications will show up for you to view and download.

Are the Maps Free?

Some are. We have enough different free maps in the store to give you a sense for how the app works and to check out the map quality. The free maps are often dated and not up to the same readability level as our fee maps.