About Bikeverywhere eRoutes

Bikeverywhere eRoutes are more than electronic versions of printed maps. They are complete guides to the best and most interesting bike routes in an area.

Each route is individually researched and developed to the same high standards as our printed maps, so whether you are planning an outing around your hometown or a visit to another city, Bikeverywhere will be there with the information you need to plan your next outing.

Each Bikeverywhere pdf file contains six distinct pages

How to use: A quick summary of how to use the bikeverywhere pdf files.

Route Information: A brief overview of the route including
* Hyperlinks to points of interest along the way.
* Primary access points
* Extensions and shortcuts
* More Details to catch important details not covered elsewhere.

Vital Information:
* Distance
* Elevation change
* Direction of travel
* Traffic
* Route profile

Locater map:
* “Getting There” instructions
* Map legend

Detail map: This is the heart of the route guide.
* Professionally drawn and to scale
* Red route against a detailed gray scale map
* Road, park and waterway information
* More hyperlinks take you to the websites of towns and points of interest along
the route

Cue sheet:
* Turn-by-turn cue sheet guides you through the route and tell you how far you’ve traveled at each turn.

Use the whole package to plan your day, then print only the pages you need for the actual ride.